Welcome to Flukycam !

Flukycam is a site like omegle, but optimized for dating (friends, lovers…)
Have fun meeting new people on the other side of the world, via webcam, just like the famous Omegle site.

What is the difference between Omegle and Flukycam?

Flukycam has been specially designed to meet people, whether they are lovers or friends, serious or not.
In addition, the site has a unique moderation system in place to filter out undesirables, similar to Omegle.

How to take advantage of the Omegle “Flukycam” site to meet new people.

It’s simple because it works like Omegle, just click on the “Video” icon to find a random partner, connected to the other side of the world.
This partner can click on “Next” if he is not interested in your webcam, and vice versa.
By clicking on “Next” you will see new webcam, new partner.

Good behavior on the site.

Just like on Omegle, you must behave properly on Flukycam. Nudity is not allowed on the site. And any behavior that degrades, incites hatred, or may offend users is not allowed!
You risk being banned if you do not respect the codes of good conduct. Keep in mind that Flukycam (even more than Omegle) is meant to meet people, but also to have fun.
So be inventive and try to get noticed positively by other users.

Learn more about Omegle or Flukycam

The site is regularly updated with several articles helping to understand how the chat works or showing examples of hilarious moments, through a blog specially designed for this purpose. Don’t hesitate to come and read the blog’s articles on a regular basis to fully enjoy the site.

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